HYBRID: A Performance Art Showcase




HYBRID: A Performance Art Showcase

Organized by Arts in Bushwick and Curated by Hybrid Theatre Works

Hybrid will take over the inside and outside of BFP with provocative site-specific performances with an emphasis on pieces that engage with and respond to current social and political issues.


Lara Saget- Untitled

In today’s action-driven external world, to move means to actively do, and to be lacks the profound significance that existence itself warrants.  When examining the internal human world, the muscles are the doing and the bones are the being.  The bones are often overlooked; there is a spiral within all bones that runs along the line where the weight travels.  My performance will functionally call for a return to the being, spiraling out of control, nothing will remain but my internally spiraling form.


Laura Caparrotti- “Voices in the Desert”

A series of “voices” from the past, in several languages, to recycle memory and understand that what is true now was true and important decades, even centuries ago.  www.vocineldeserto.it


Rebecca Martinez- SEEN/UNSEEN

A site-specific performance, utilizing text, movement and music to explore loneliness and connection through the lens of community.


Kym Bernazky-An excerpt from Plasticland:  A Better Place

Musical collaborator/performer – Cristiano Adiutori

Plasticland:  A Better Place brings the audience on a journey to the doldroms of the Pacific Ocean where they encounter a giant plastic trash heap – roughly the size of Texas!  The plastic behemoth takes control of the theater and the audience and performer must join together to escape the clutches of the looming plastic menace.  What truths lurk in the heart of the beast?


Ana Lola Roman- “Gone Amazon”

“Gone Amazon” portrays the moments that follow when the artist learns she will be evicted from her Bushwick apartment, the feelings that come with displacement, her primal human instincts that spark survival mechanisms, and her painful detachment of promises made by a consumptive, urban sprawl forever blind to the screams of the Vox Populi.

Adam Boncz-16,000

By the time the average child is eighteen years old, they will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders in the media and nearly 75 percent of these violent scenes feature no immediate punishment for or condemnation of violence. Inspired by the horrible events of Aurora and Newtown, this physical theater piece explores the responsibility of the media and the entertainment industry and how our popular culture justifies violence and makes it a best-selling product.

Celeste Muniz- Window Washing

Exploring the necessary cyclical stages of creation and destruction that come with starting a revolution. Recognizing the connection of uprisings around the world and the connection between natural and human revolutions.


Tracy Cameron Francis/Riti Sachveda-  

“El por venir que nunca mi me llega/waiting for the arrival that never comes”

A piece created in response to the unsafe and unfair working conditions in the garment industry.

Lavinia Roberts- Treasures

A post-apocolyptic bum sorting through his treasures.

Stephanie Andreou- Honey + Fish

These two products are the only items that can be legally traded between the North and South of Cyprus. This performance alludes to the absurdity and frustration of this fact.

Marissa Mickelberg- BOMB/ird

Inspired by the recent events in Boston.


0H10M1ke/ TJ- The Wrestler’s Wrestler

If AiB is a social issue, “The Wrestler’s Wrestler” posits BOS as a political issue by delegating dancers as representation of gentrification and inter-organizational tension, exploration of stamina and movement strategy is used to reconsider teacher/parent, student/child, artist/athlete paradigms.


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