Shinsai-Theatres for Japan: Brooklyn

Event featured:

Hybrid Theatre Works organized the Brooklyn event at Magic Future Box, as part of a worldwide event to raise money for artists effected by the tsunami.

The event featured:

An original devised work by Japanese artist, Junko Ishikawa and Tracy Cameron Francis 

“Child is a Father to Man” by Philip Kan Gutanda  Directed by, Zisan Ugurlu 

Excerpt from the musical: “The Skin of Our Teeth”  Directed by, Rafael Gallegos 

“SAYONARA II “ by Oriza Hirata Directed by, Adam Knight 

“Where Were We?” by, Richard Greenberg Directed by, Heather Lanza

“The Isabel Who Disappeared” by Naomi Iizuka Directed by, Tracy Cameron Francis

* Photos by Lulu Shen

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