Hybrid Theatre Works was founded in late 2009 by Tracy Cameron Francis and J.J. El-Far to forge their common passions and backgrounds in theatre and peace-building.

Since its inception HTW has worked with artists from all over the world including Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Colombia, Turkey, Palestine, Paraguay, Iraq, Pakistan, Italy, and more.

Since 2010 HTW has presented over 50 new performance works created by artists from diverse backgrounds addressing pressing issues of our time.

HTW has pushed boundaries of audience experience by presenting performances in non-traditional locations and integrating social events into the performances to encourage dialogue and community among the artists and audience.

We have utilized new media not only in the creation of multi-media works but also as a way to reach global audiences through live-streaming of our performances and encouraging global discussion of the work via social media.

HTW currently has a core group of artistic associates from diverse backgrounds that help shape the companies vision in New York. Additionally we have a strong network of affiliated artists based all over the world that contribute their ideas and work on a regular basis.

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