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Hybrid Theatre Works depends on the generosity of people who believe in the power of the arts and building peace to continue our work.  We hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to us by clicking here. Any donation amount is appreciated and goes directly towards supporting our artists.  Your contributions will help us take the next step as an organization committed to high quality artistic work. How your contribution will go further than just one event? Supporting theater and international collaboration builds trust and mutually supportive relationships on a person to person basis between individuals in different countries. It demonstrates the power of the arts to transcend political, social and national boundaries, and act as independent agent of cultural diplomacy.

Can’t give monetarily right now but still want to support us? Support us with an in-kind contribution! Do you have access to a big empty(ish) room? We are always looking for rehearsal and performance space in non-traditional performance venues. Community centers, restaurants, or unused commercial space. We are always looking for restaurant and liquor sponsors as well!


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