Join us November 24 at Bowery Arts and Science!



                                 4:00PM, November 24, 2013
Bowery Arts and Science, 308 Bowery
Three interconnected solo pieces by Hispanic women searching for a connection to place, strangers and self.
Join Hybrid Theatre Works, in association with Ingenue Theatre, for an intimate afternoon of new connections, disconnections, drinks, and music.
A lonely girl stuck on a subway so long a small colony forms.. a greeting card writer that has no one to send a card to… and a fantastical journey through the streets of Montevideo…
The three solo works explore the essence of creative and personal loneliness, and map the individual journey each character takes on the road to connecting with a larger idea than self. Flamenco song and dance, performed by Riti Sachdeva, underscores the emotional heartbeat of each work.
“the standard girl opens one of Marosa’s books; she gets wet, and her brain loses its virginity”
By Uruguyan writer: Luciana Lagisquet 
Performed by: Laura Riveros
Directed by: Rebecca Martinez
“Interborough Transit Atlas: Journey 1 1/2” 
Written and performed by: Celeste Muniz 
directed by: Isobel Bruce
“Once Upon A Greeting Card” 
Written and performed by: Rebecca Martinez
directed by: Tracy Cameron Francis

Thank you for a great run!

Thank you to everyone who came out to experience “Comedy of Sorrows”! 

“Comedy of Sorrows” was one of the first theatrical responses to the Revolution that emerged from Egypt and when it first toured the States (as a reading) in early 2012, it already handled the subject of revolution with a kind of cautious optimism giving way to freighted ambivalence. Hybrid Theatre’s production at HERE expands on this ambivalence and weighs it down even further.  Tracy Cameron Francis directs a production that pushes the revolution far beyond the boundaries of space and time, throwing it into a surreal fog of claustrophobic chaos and misapprehended memory…..Comedy of Sorrows is not a treacly, doe-eyed liberation plot, where the characters arrive in the end at some elevated, and qualitatively improved, understanding of themselves and the society they wish to inhabit. The ambiguity here is purposeful and instructive. Revolutions are indeed complicated, messy, and disruptive affairs. Sure, they may carry for some a certain polemical appeal; what, after all, could provide greater proof of the indomitable power of human agency than the very upending of the normative order? But revolutions are most accurately assessed by their aftermath, rather than by their mere occurrence. It takes the work of individuals, often with disparate worldviews and agendas, to salve the political ruptures from which revolutions, by necessity, must emerge.” Hani Omar Khalil-Culturebot


Comedy of Sorrows at HERE – August 21-25!


“Comedy of Sorrows” by Ibrahim El-Husseini

August 21-25 as part of the SubletSeries@HERE.

“Comedy of Sorrows” follows a young university-educated Egyptian woman through a series of encounters with different members of society and comes to realize that she had been oblivious to the poverty and misery of her fellow Egyptians. The play presents a collective and unsentimental account of a nation’s awakening. Through a unique combination of vivid poetry and colloquial dialogue, it celebrates the uprising of a people, while at the same time anticipating the uncertainty and tumult of a nation struggling to transition to democracy. While written about Egypt, the universality of the struggle to overcome oppression is accessible to all audiences.


August 21 @ 7pm
August 22 @ 7pm
August 23 @ 7pm
August 24 @ 7pm
August 25 @ 7pm

145 6th Ave (enter on Dominick, 1 block south of Spring)

For Tickets & Information: visit or call 212-352-3101

Featuring: Najla Said*, Adi Hanash*, Lily Balsen*, Paul Kelley*, Gordon Kupperstein*, Bobbac Kashani, Celeste Muniz*, Laura Riveros, Sara Oliva*, Raphael Eilenberg*, Youness Tahiri

* Equity Approved Showcase

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June 1- HYBRID Performance Art Showcase

HYBRID Performance Art Showcase
 Hybrid Theatre Works Arts is pleased to announce that it will be curating the official performace event for Bushwick Open Studios 2013 organized by Arts in Bushwick.

Hybrid will present a provocative and dialogue-inducing body of work, with an emphasis on pieces that engage with and respond to current social and political issues.

Please join us Saturday, June 1 from 6:30-9pm at Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St.